Forum Theatre on March 10th - 8 to 10:30 am

Role Play? Do I Have To?
Presented by SEWI-ATD Members Alexis Fielek, Sheri Weaver, and Nick Wade
Learn about Forum Theatre and a new way to use role play! 

This session will utilize Forum Theatre techniques to explore some of the most challenging situations that can come up in training, and engage the group in discovering the best solutions. 

What is Forum Theatre?
Forum Theatre is a technique that replaces an audience of spectators with spectACTORs.  While normal theatre has a beginning, middle and end, Forum Theatre is designed to present to the audience only the beginning and middle, so that, through the use of a facilitator
(called a Joker), the spectACTORs and the actors can work together toward a satisfying end.

Location: Upper Iowa University, 620 N. 76th Street, Suite 100, Milwaukee 


Alexis Fielek, Sheri Weaver, and Nick Wade will lead us through this a safe, no-pressure session.  Register Here

Skill Building for Facilitators

Advanced Presentation Skills

Matt Meuleners, an Executive Partner at FOCUS Training, Leadership Trainer, Consultant, and SEWI-ATD Member leads this workshop for Facilitators.

Do you feel you could improve upon how you drive your audience to action during a presentation?

Can you say your audience is fully engaged during your presentations?

This session will help you advance your skills, learning from one of the best! 

April 21st - 8 to 10:30 am


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